David Carruthers

In office from: 1834 - 1835

Background: Underwriting

The successor to George Palmer, David Carruthers was the shortest serving Chairman in Lloyd's Register history. Having previously worked as an insurance broker at Lloyd's of London, Carruther's was elected Chairman in October 1834, after a ballot was held in a General Committee meeting. An excerpt of the meeting wrote:

When a ballot was taken for Chairman and the numbers appeared to be for:

                David Carruthers Esq, - 10

                Geo. F. Young Esq, MP - 3

                Crawford D. Kerr Esq, - 1

Therefore David Carruthers Esq, was declared to be duly elected Chairman of this Society and requested to take his seat accordingly. - 24 October 1834.

While in office as Chairman, Carruthers successfully campaigned to become MP for Kingston upon Hull in the 1835 General Election. Having been bested by Matthew Davenport Hill in the constituency's election three years prior, Carruthers eventually beat Hill in the polls, albeit amid rumours of bribery. Within five months of his election as MP, Carruthers died.

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Upon news of Carruthers' death being published in the Hull Advertiser, his successor, Thomas Perronet Thompson wrote "I have just seen in two evening papers, that Mr. Carruthers, the member for Hull, died suddenly today. Such reports often get into the papers by mistake, and the next day it is discovered that it was a relation of the same name, or something of that kind. If, however, it is true, the news will be sure to have come to Hull, and probably to Beverly too, in an undeniable manner. If the Hull people are disposed to follow the advice of the [Hull] Advertiser, I shall be glad to serve them."