Sir Anthony C Grover

Artist: John Ward

In office from: 1963 - 1973

Background: Underwriting

Unlike his immediate predecessor, Sir Anthony Grover was a full-time Chairman, focusing on public relations matters and making many overseas visits on behalf of the Society. He started working for the 'other' Lloyd's in 1925, becoming an underwriting member in 1936. He joined the Coldstream Guards in 1940, serving with them as an officer in North Africa and Italy. He rose to the rank of Major and was mentioned in dispatches. In 1954 Grover was elected to the General Committee, becoming its Deputy Chairman and Treasurer in 1956. In 1963, on the retirement of Sir Kenneth Pelly, he was elected Chairman.

He brought with him his wide experience of other companies and membership of the Export Council of Europe. He regarded his major achievement at Lloyd's Register as being re-organisation of the committee structure. Under his leadership the frequency of the meetings of the General Committee was reduced from weekly to quarterly, and an Executive Board and a Management Committee met to take week-to-week decisions. He was knighted in June 1973, and also received honours from Belgium, the Netherlands and Denmark.

At his retirement in 1973, he spoke of spending more time at his favourite recreation, golf and he was a member of several leading clubs. He died at his home in London in September 1981, aged 73.

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