Sir John Glover

Artist: Sir George Reid, PRSA

In office from: 1899 - 1907

Background: Shipowner and shipbroker

Chairman from 1899 to 1907, Sir John Glover, as he became in 1900, was a distinguished London shipowner and shipbroker. Described as ‘A perfect gentleman’ who according to Jabez Barrett was ‘somewhat harsh in his judgement, but possessed of a kind heart, very firm but considerate.’ John formed Glover Brothers Shipbrokers with his brothers Robert and Septimus in 1853. One writer reports that the Glovers ‘had the sense of duty and the imagination to see the industry as a whole….It was men of their type who turned the transition from sail to steam to the advantage of British shipping’. John Glover was an Underwriting member of Lloyd’s from 1874 to 1900. He was chair at the initial meeting of the Chamber of Shipping in 1877 having had much to do with its formation, later becoming its President. He served on several important Royal Commissions covering complicated subjects like the Tonnage Laws and Unseaworthy Ships.

For 30 years he was also a member of the committee of the Royal Statistical Society, contributing many valuable articles to its journals on statistics concerning the shipping industry. Whilst at Lloyd’s Register Glover took a leading part in the extension of the Society’s work and staff abroad, particularly in the USA. He continued as a Committee member until 1911 and was also a patron of the Society’s Cricket Club. He died in 1920.

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