Sir Ronald Thornbury Garrett

Artist: Pietro Annigoni

In office from: 1946 - 1957

Background: Banking and shipping

Garrett held office from 1946 to 1957. His decision to devote himself to the post full-time helped him to become the strongest Chairman since Thomas Chapman.

His considerable experience in shipping embraced a long career with the Orient Line, a seat on the board of the Port of London Authority, and chairing both the London General Shipowners' Society and the National Dock Labour Corporation, for which he was knighted. He was also Chairman of Lloyd's Bank and the Central Transport Consultative Committee for Great Britain. His father's law firm, Parker, Garrett & Co., was the Society's legal advisor for many years and he himself was a qualified lawyer.

His shipping experience did not blind him to the potential of the Society's non-marine activities and it is questionable whether so much progress would have been made without his support. He was also deeply involved with re-establishing Lloyd's Register around the world after the war, travelling extensively to meet staff and clients. Garrett died in January 1972.

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While in office, Garrett oversaw the establishment of the Australian, New Zealand, Scottish and Italian national committees. A sign of the Society's worldwide growth, today Lloyd's Register is represented in 78 countries by over 9,000 employees.