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GBD Conference

About the event

This conference was held on 29-30 October 2015 at Lloyd's Register Foundation, 71 Fenchurch Street, London.

We do not know everything. In fact we know very little given that our experience is thus far largely theoretical. But then we do not think anyone knows everything, even the big museums and archives, because digitisation is such a wide term for a huge variety of projects, using different collections, in different institutions, with different aims. There is not even an overarching English guideline on digitisation. As a result there is a huge possibility to learn from other projects that work in different realities. 

Many places seem to be digitising their collections at the moment but, often due to funding restraints, very few are considering what happens after digitisation. It’s fantastic to increase access to material using digital copies and a website but is this enough? Does innovation stop there before it has even started? 

To investigate this further the Foundation hosted this two-day digitisation event with representatives from innovative digitisation projects across the world to discuss their different approaches. 

Thank you to all who attended. Please find below the links for the conference videos, report, feedback form and speaker PowerPoint presentations.

Conference Videos


Feedback Form

Presentations - Day 1: 

Canadiana Online: Digitisation, Preservation and Access to Canada's Documentary Heritage - William Wueppelmann - Canadiana

Creative re-use of cultural heritage - opportunities, approaches, and rewards - James Morley - Europeana

Digital Storytelling - Cristiano Bianchi - KeepThinking  

The Criminalized Poor - exploring a marginalized group in public discourse in the 17th century through digitised texts - Tony McEnery - Lancaster University

Image, Imagination and Ingenuity - Patrick Fleming - British Library 

Presentations - Day 2: 

Lloyd's Register Foundation introduction to Project Undaunted - Charlotte Atkinson - Lloyd's Register Foundation

You have to know the rules to break them - Gary Carter - British Library 

Joined Up History - Using Linked Data to enhance meaning - Richard Light - Independent Museum Consultant

Reinventing the Museum: Transforming a brand through augmented reality - Antony Robbins - Museum of London 

Conference format


For the Conference we encouraged experienced managers and members of staff that have worked on digitisation projects to attend the first day, which included speakers from digitisation projects across the world and a concluding discussion panel. In addition to these more experienced individuals, we also invited those with relatively less experience in the industry to attend both days of the conference. The first, alongside their more experienced colleagues, demonstrated the innovations in the industry at the moment and the second day was a workshop for these new professionals to discuss challenges and opportunities arising from the previous day with like-minded people that are less influenced by previous experience. With speakers like Europeana, the British Library and Canadiana taking part, the event was a thought provoking melting pot for new ideas. 

To find out more about the conference and our digitisation work visit our blog or follow us on Twitter. Join the conversation using the hashtag #GBDCon. 

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