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A proud tradition

The Lloyd’s Register Foundation is a young charity, set up in 2012, but it is the product of an organisation with a long tradition of public benefit, Lloyd’s Register.

Promoting safety and public understanding of risks

We aim to make a recognised, distinctive impact on enhancing safety of critical infrastructure important for society through building scientific knowledge, promoting technology application, and enhancing the uptake of research evidence into policy and practice. We also support organisations where activities enhance the safety of life, property and the environment.  

Advancement of skills and education

We aim to raise interest and generate enthusiasm around engineering, stimulating and sustaining young people’s interest in the field and attracting them to study it from an early age.  


To secure for the benefit of the community high technical standards of design, manufacture, construction, maintenance, operation and performance for the purpose of enhancing the safety of life and property at sea and on land and in the air. 

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