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A proud tradition

The Lloyd’s Register Foundation is a young charity, set up in 2012, but it is the product of an organisation with a long tradition of public benefit, Lloyd’s Register.


To secure for the benefit of the community high technical standards of design, manufacture, construction, maintenance, operation and performance for the purpose of enhancing the safety of life and property at sea and on land and in the air. 

Five year plan 2016-2021

The Foundation published its five year strategy in 2014. It sets out how through our grant making and direct charitable activities we aim to connect science, safety and society by supporting research of the highest quality and promoting skills and education. It still holds its value and remains unchanged. We have set out how we aim to deliver our strategy through a five year plan. The seven goals in the new 2016-2021 five year plan articulate our focus and priorities going forward. It will be reviewed and refreshed annually to factor in experience and new opportunities. 


We are fortunate to have a range of people who share our cause and have agreed to act as our 100A1 Ambassadors. They are associated in different ways with the Foundation including people from our grants community, Advisory Council, Trustees and colleagues and employees from LR. The 100A1 programme is in its early stages and the list of current ambassadors appears below. This will grow as the scheme progresses. Our 100A1 Ambassadors will be promoting the work of the Foundation and raise awareness of our mission.


The Advisory Council was set up at the end of 2015 to assist the Foundation on delivering our charitable aims. It provides independent expert advice, support and constructive challenge in areas including developing general strategy and plans, identifying new funding opportunities and emerging priorities, maximising impact plus suggesting other bodies to work with. The Advisory Council meets twice a year.

Connecting science, safety and society

Our strategy sets out how we focus on key objectives under four strategic themes: promoting safety and public understanding of risk; advancement of skills and education; supporting excellent scientific research; and accelerating the application of research.  

Promoting safety and public understanding of risks

We aim to make a recognised, distinctive impact on enhancing safety of critical infrastructure important for society through building scientific knowledge, promoting technology application, and enhancing the uptake of research evidence into policy and practice. We also support organisations where activities enhance the safety of life, property and the environment.  

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