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The Global Safety Podcast, Episode 2 - Cyber Security

The Global Safety Podcast explores how engineers and scientists are making the world a safer place.

The internet of things broadly encompasses everything connected to the internet, but increasingly it defines objects that talk to each other. But this is just the beginning of a so-called 'smarter world'. Connected machines and objects in the commercial world allow for a fourth industrial revolution, taking the internet of things to the next level beyond the public domain: the industrial internet of things. 

But if one thing can prevent the industrial internet of things from transforming the way we live and work, it will be a breakdown in security.

The latest episode of The Global Safety Podcast is on cyber security - we'll be looking at the ways to safeguard networks, devices and ultimately our own economy and infrastructure, increasingly underpinned by the internet of things.

The episode features insights from:

  • Ruth Boumphrey - Director of Research for Lloyd's Register Foundation
  • Sadie Creese - Professor of Cybersecurity at University of Oxford
  • Robert Hannigan - former Director of GCHQ, current chairman of Bluevoyant international
  • Rowland Johnson - founder of Nettitude, part of Lloyd's Register Group

The podcast will also discuss the Foundation's recent Foresight Review of Cyber Security and the Industrial Internet of Things. The review identifies key emerging risks and gaps in capability, calling for the urgent adoption of guiding principles to increase resilience to cyber attacks. The report is available to download in full through this link.

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The Global Safety Podcast investigates the biggest safety issues facing the planet and looks at the latest science and innovations being developed to safeguard our future in an unpredictable world.

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