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2019 poll


The process for developing the 2019 questionnaire involved:

  • a literature review
  • expert interviews
  • in-depth structured cognitive and pilot testing of the questionnaire in eight countries – India, Indonesia, South Africa, Nigeria, Saudi Arabia, UK, Brazil and Mexico.

The survey probes various dimensions of safety and risk including: asking people what they think are the main risks they face in their daily lives, attribution of responsibility for safety, sources of information for risk and safety measures, and perceptions and experiences with risk and work-related accidents.

The new survey module was translated into the main local languages and rigorously tested in India, Indonesia, South Africa, Nigeria, Saudi Arabia, United Kingdom, Brazil and Mexico. These tests covered countries across an array of cultures and levels of economic development and, within countries, different demographics such as different age groups, education levels, and genders.

Talking Risk: Developing the Questionnaire for the Lloyd’s Register Foundation World Risk Poll

Lloyd’s Register Foundation and Gallup developed the questionnaire in 2018. Cognitive tests took place in eight countries and in nine languages. The results of the tests and an outline of the questionnaire can be found in our report, Talking Risk: Developing the Questionnaire for the Lloyd’s Register Foundation World Risk Poll.

Download Mapping RiskAs part of this major study, the Foundation and Gallup have also produced Mapping Risk, a companion document to Talking Risk. While Talking Risk looks at people’s perception of the risks they face, Mapping Risk paints a picture of the actual number and nature of deaths, injuries and hazards experienced across the world.

World Risk Poll questionnaire in fullThe 2019 questionnaire can be accessed in full here.   Should you have any comments or suggestions to influence the questionnaire for future waves, please submit them here.



The 2019 World Risk Poll results will be published on 6th October 2020

Results and final report

We will release the findings and full dataset of the 2019 poll at a global launch event on October 6th, 2020.

Countdown to World Risk Poll virtual launch event:
6th October 2020, 14.00-16.00 BST

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