Meeting today’s challenges

Societies and communities around the world face major challenges linked to issues such as climate change, population growth, energy security, and food and water availability. Technology is advancing rapidly to tackle these challenges in hand with education and training to ensure the availability of the necessary skilled people. The critical infrastructure on which modern society relies is however under increasing pressure to satisfy growing demand while innovating safely and protecting both lives and the environment.

With our mission to protect the safety of life and property and to advance transport and engineering education and research, the Lloyd’s Register Foundation has an important role to play in meeting these challenges. The Foundation meets its aims by awarding grants and through the societal benefit activities of Lloyd’s Register Group Limited (LR), which shares our mission.

Irrigation for agriculture

We are funding research by the University of the West of England, Bristol in collaboration with Monash University and University of Arizona, to investigate issues around water security.


Through our grant making we aim to connect science, safety and society by supporting research of the highest quality and promoting skills and education.

You will find more details on this website about our funding and some case studies of the current programmes of research and training benefiting from our activities.

Review 2015 cover

Foundation Review 2015

A review of our second full year of operation and progress made to become a leading engineering research and education charity.