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Africa Climate Week 2023

Accelerating climate action in Africa

This week marks Africa Climate Week 2023, a platform for policymakers, practitioners, businesses, and civil society to come together and fight back against climate change.

Africa Climate Week (ACW) is an annual event that unites a diverse mix of global stakeholders to explore ways to reduce greenhouse gas emissions (GHGs) 'while building resilience to the climate crisis in the world's second most populous continent.

Organised by the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC), United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) and the World Bank, ACW will take place from 4-8th September in Nairobi, Kenya, hosted by the Government of Kenya. It will also be held alongside the Africa Climate Summit (ACS) which will run from 4-6th September.

Just one of four Regional Climate Weeks held this year, ACW builds momentum ahead of COP 28 and the conclusion of the first Global Stocktake, a critical turning point when it comes to efforts to address climate change, designed to chart the way for fulfilling the Paris Agreement's goals and provide region-focused contributions to inform the Global Stocktake.

This year Lloyd’s Register Foundation’s Katharine Palmer will be leading a discussion exploring opportunities for green shipping corridors in Africa to achieve the 2030 breakthrough and zero by 2050. As Maritime Lead in the Climate Champions Team, supporting the work of the UN High Level Climate Change Champions, Katharine is a recognised sustainability expert and established thought leader in climate change, decarbonisation, and the energy transition in the maritime sector.

Event name: Developing Green Shipping Corridors Opportunities in Africa to achieve the 2030 shipping breakthrough and zero by 2050.

When: Thursday 7th September 5-6:15pm EAT

Where: Alberdares Hall, Kenyatta International Conference Centre

  • Shipping and hydrogen’s destinies are interconnected and together present sustainable economic development opportunities. Developing countries like Africa, could produce almost 4,000EJ per year of green hydrogen against projected annual shipping demand of 20-40 EJ and at prices more competitive than regions like Europe. African countries are well-placed to lead the global transition. Green hydrogen-based fuels, catalysed by demand from the shipping sector, could develop new export industries, create thousands of skilled jobs, and accelerate the deployment of renewable energy region-wide. This event will focus on shipping’s green transition, the role that Africa’s Green Hydrogen capacity can play, and how both can contribute to national opportunities and action plans.

“The African continent will be hit faster and with a higher magnitude by climate change than other parts of the world, whilst at the same time it is amongst the fastest growing economies of all continents. Maritime transport is a key element of global trade and needs to be central to this economic advantage, whilst being part of any strategy to fight climate change. With greater investment opportunities, a young and innovative population and an abundance of natural resources, African nations are well-placed to lead this global transition of the maritime sector,” says Katharine.

Engineering X, our collaboration with the Royal Academy of Engineering will also be taking centre stage at ACW, leading the conversation on open waste burning in Africa. Engineering X and the UN High Level Climate Change Champions, along with other key partners, have been working together to introduce and elevate the open burning of waste onto the agenda of high-level discussions worldwide.

ACW will present a critical opportunity for peer learning, as global stakeholders come together to share emerging ideas, projects, and innovative, inclusive, and sustainable solutions for elimination of open waste burning.

Event name: Pledging to Implementation: Elimination of Open Waste Burning in Africa

When: Thursday, 7th September 12-1pm EAT

  • This session offers a platform that fosters dialogue between state and non-state actors to outline the current open waste burning status quo and the implementation actions needed to achieve pledge goals to end the open burning of waste in Africa by 2040, stated at COP27. It will also offer an avenue for new partners to pledge to this target as well as reinforce commitment of existing partners.

“In Africa, up to 90% of waste in cities is openly dumped and often burned, causing irreversible damage to people and the environment. By bringing together NGOs and civil society, alongside public and private sector entities – including informal groups that currently handle waste, we’re already making excellent progress.” says Dr Andriannah Mbandi, Global Waste Lead, Climate Champions team.

See the full list of events at Africa Climate Week 2023: https://climatechampions.unfccc.int/system/africa-climate-week-2023/

Find out more about Engineering X’s fight against open burning of waste in our latest Impact Review: https://impactreview.lrfoundation.org.uk/en/all/kenya/


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