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Aerial top view of oil, chemical LPG tanker ship

‘The ocean is our future’

Former president of the Seychelles calls for new ocean initiatives to meet the global sustainable development goals.

As we enter a new stage in development of the blue economy, James Michel, spotlights the pioneering work being carried out by communities at all global levels in his new book, ‘Revisiting The Ocean – Living the Blue Economy’. Funded by Lloyd’s Register Foundation, the book is a celebration of the ocean and those who advocate for its potential to be harnessed and protected.

Offering a unique perspective on sustainably harnessing the ocean’s economic power, James Michel calls on governments to adopt innovative schemes to source food from the ocean and ensure fish stocks remain abundant.

Defined by The World Bank as the “sustainable use of ocean resources for economic growth, improved livelihoods and jobs, and ocean ecosystem health,” the blue economy has become more important than ever as the world looks for more sustainable ways of living.

At present, large swathes of the ocean remain unregulated with illegal fishing, waste dumping and seabed mining causing currently unknown levels of damage to the environment. The book explores the challenges facing the world and urgers radical changes now to reverse the negative forces embedded in modern industrial society. However, as highlighted by James Michel, the world is now entering a new phase in the blue economy and beginning to realise the true potential of the ocean.

The book provides an educational and all-encompassing overview of how we can ultimately live the blue economy. James Michel highlights that while the relationship between humans and the ocean is often harmful, there is still great reason for hope. Far from fantasy, the book focuses on current examples of how the world is moving towards the blue economy including analysis of the UN’s sustainable development goals for the ocean by 2030 and discussing ocean champions and organisations passionately caring for the ocean.

James Michel said: “We are entering an exhilarating phase of the blue economy journey. The vast amount of natural resources that the ocean has to offer can provide the world with new sources of renewable energy and it is time the world put its trust in the ocean.

“While this is a book which celebrates the advances we’ve made in the blue economy, I am a realist and I do not shy away from the challenges that we face on this journey. I am also an optimist and can see the immense amount of progress that has already been made. I hope this book shows people how far we’ve come and the practical steps we can take to start living the blue economy.”  

Beth Elliot, Head of Communications and Global Campaigns at Lloyd’s Register Foundation said: “We are extremely excited to be funding James Michel’s new book, which champions those who are working towards a sustainable blue economy. At Lloyd’s Register Foundation, we are passionate about protecting the ocean while harnessing the many benefits it holds for humanity which is why we had to get involved in this timely exploration of the blue economy.”

To find out more about The James Michel Foundation, visit: jamesmichelfoundation.org

To buy a copy of 'Revisiting the Ocean: Living the Blue Economy', visit:

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