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AFE showcases. Illustrations from children aged 8-12

Hopes and fears of the next generation

Exclusively from ‘SAFE: A collection of works exploring a safer world’, this collection of images, thoughts, and reflections from children around the world provides unique insight into how the next generation perceives risk.

In 2021, our World Risk Poll data showed that 34% of people across the world felt less safe than they did five years previously. This is perhaps not surprising, with a looming climate crisis, growing political instability and the impact of a global pandemic dominating the recent news agenda. More surprisingly, Covid-19 was not the top-named risk to people's safety, with many people more worried about road crashes, crime, and violence.

The Lloyd’s Register Foundation World Risk Poll, powered by Gallup, is the first global study of worry about, and harm from, risks to people’s safety. From online safety and workplace injury to the safety of food and climate change, the poll generates striking insights about how safe people feel, what risks they experience every day and how such experience of risk differs across the world.

Inspired by the Poll, ‘Young Hope’ – one of ten works featured in ‘SAFE: A collection of works exploring a safer world’ – is a visual expression of the biggest concerns and hopes for the future amongst the next generation. The collection of drawings and quotes, when displayed side by side, provide unique insight into the collective sentiment of 8–12-year-olds in light of the biggest safety challenges facing society.

Crucially, the installation places value on the experiences and concerns of young people and gives them a platform to express how they would build a safer, more optimistic future.

‘SAFE: A collection of works exploring a safer world’ was an exhibition celebrating the 10-year anniversary of Lloyd’s Register Foundation that took place at Somerset House in 2022.

To explore ‘SAFE: A collection of works exploring a safer world’, visit our online exhibition.

To learn more about the World Risk Poll and how it’s making the world a safer, more sustainable place, visit the World Risk Poll website.

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