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Telling our story: A decade of success, centuries in the making

Open call for images. Please complete the survey below!

To celebrate our 10 year anniversary, we are creating a book to focus on the biggest challenges facing the planet and the role we all play in shaping a better future.

To make this project visually exciting and to really tell our collective story, we want to include photographs from the people, projects and challenges that are part of it. We are seeking input from Lloyd’s Register and Foundation colleagues and from our clients, stakeholders and partners around the world. Do you have any photographs that we can use to show the story of the last 10 years?  

The deadline for sending in your photographs is 18 March 2022. We look forward to seeing your contributions!

Themes to be illustrated:

We are looking for images related to the themes of global safety whether they have involved Lloyd’s Register and the Foundation directly, or not. The key is to help showcase the global challenges that we all face in our mission for safety. These might include:

Climate change - sustainability, energy transition at sea, extreme weather events, rising sea levels, impact on food and water, food supply chains, and populations, understanding risk to better adapt, extreme weather events and impact on critical infrastructures

Feeding the world - impact of population growth, food and water security and safety, safe sustainable food (seaweed) etc, traceability of food in supply chains, food fraud

Preparing for an uncertain future - extreme weather events, pandemic, resilience engineering/resilience shift, design for safety, remote surveys, ATI, structural integrity and more

Digital and data revolution - the 4th and 5th Industrial Revolutions, pros and cons, Robotics and Autonomous Systems (RAS), Big Data, Internet of Things/interconnected systems, datacentric engineering, digital twins, nanotechnology/additive manufacturing, safety accelerator, regulation of AI, ethics

Public trust and fake news - public understanding of risk, behavioural sciences, link between wellbeing and safety

A fairer world - diversity and inclusion, ensuring equitable distribution of benefits of the digital revolution, investment in and access to education, training and skills, standards and regulations, safer jobs, World Risk Poll data, SEASEP and ocean citizens

Safer oceans - resilient coastal communities, decent work in the ocean economy, improving the lives of fishermen and shipbreakers, safety at sea (innovation, training, rules, data sharing, blockchain), safer ships, seafarer wellbeing, advantages of cultivating seaweed etc

Through these themes the book will explore the most pressing global safety challenges and how these are being tackled by one of the UK’s oldest business organisations, using its international presence and unique ownership model to make the world a better, safer place.

To submit a photograph, please complete the form below:

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