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Results of the first World Risk Poll announced

World’s greatest worries and risks revealed in first ever global survey.


The Lloyd’s Register Foundation World Risk Poll, the first ever global study of worry and risk across the world, was published today (6th October) including the World Worry Index, data on safety and risk for 142 countries, and including new research on subjects such as risks faced by women, experience of serious injury and violence and harassment in the workplace, climate change, and online safety.

The World Risk Poll was conducted by Gallup as part of its World Poll, and is based on interviews with over 150,000 people, including those living in places where little or no official data exists, yet where reported risks are often high.

Professor Richard Clegg, Chief Executive, Lloyd’s Register Foundation said: “The Lloyd’s Register Foundation World Risk Poll represents the views of 98 per cent of the world’s population on safety and risk, including many people whose voices have never been heard before. Knowing what people think will help us to identify gaps between peoples’ thoughts about risk and their experiences of threats to their safety. We can use this data to work with communities and empower people to take action most likely to reduce harm - that saves lives and helps them feel safe.”

Set to repeat three times over the next eight years, the Lloyd’s Register Foundation World Risk Poll will enable businesses, regulators, governments and academics to work with communities to develop policies and actions that save lives.

One of the world’s leading experts on risk perception, Professor Paul Slovic from the University of Oregon said: “The World Risk Poll has a reach and range never seen before. The results show both the vast differences as well as the similarities in how people across the globe perceive and experience risks. It is also the last snapshot of the world’s vulnerabilities and worries before the COVID-19 pandemic. This makes the World Risk Poll uniquely useful for those concerned with empowering people to take actions that makes them be and feel safer.”

For the full report and findings for each country please visit lrfworldriskpoll.com

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