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Assuring Autonomy International Programme Drone

We are Assuring Autonomy

The Assuring Autonomy International Programme at the University of York has produced its first ever Impact Report – highlighting the progress made in ensuring the safe development of robotics and autonomous systems worldwide.

How can we be sure an autonomous system, like a self-driving car, assistive robot or drone, is safe and will act as expected? That’s exactly the problem being solved by the AAIP.

In 2018, Lloyd’s Register Foundation and the University of York established the AAIP. In the five years since, the influential research produced by the programme has been translated into guidance that has been accessed across the globe and referenced in new standards.

The scale and complexity of assuring the safety of autonomous systems have increased since the programme began, with new challenges emerging and wider societal impacts to consider. Despite this, they are making an impact that cuts through the noise, and have established themselves as the go-to-experts in the safety of autonomous systems.

The significance of this work has been encapsulated in AAIP’s Impact Review, published in December 2022. The Impact Review is based on research carried out by independent evaluators, including thirteen in-depth case studies, interviews with team members, survey data from the AAIP community and attendance of workshops.

The Impact Review features ‘in focus’ profiles of lead researchers, lessons learned since AAIP formed and articulates a vision for the next five years of impact.

You can access AAIP’s Impact Review via their website.

Contact AAIP if you are interested in their research and would like to know more.

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